By using Gebhardt cheese crates, existing processes within industrial cheese production and cheese ripening can be optimized

The GEBHARDT cheese maturing containers

Are you looking for customized cheese maturing boxes for transport, storage and ripening of packaged cheese blocks? Then GEBHARDT is the right choice for you!

The GEBHARDT cheese maturing box for the perfect taste and cheese enjoyment!

The GEBHARDT cheese maturing containers

By using GEBHARDT cheese maturing containers, you can optimize your existing processes in industrial cheese production and cheese ripening. Expand your capacities and increase your productivity while reducing your waste. The stable reusable system is suitable for automation and can be stacked several times. The structure of the pallets and frames is designed according to customer requirements and is food safe. Learn more about GEBHARDT cheese maturing containers and their advantages.

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Your benefits at a glance

  • Extension of production capacities
  • Increase of productivity
  • Optimization of the waste of your products
  • Stable returnable system
  • Suitable for automation
  • Customized designs
The stable reusable system is suitable for automation and can be stacked several times

The GEBHARDT cheese maturing containers optimal for the industrial production of cheese

You want to rethink your production of hard cheese and bring the cheese production in your cheese dairy up to date? Then use the advantages of GEBHARDT cheese maturing containers! Switch from ripening the loaves in individual wooden or plastic crates to multi-layer and/or multi-chamber system ripening in ONE container. Optimal volume utilization effectively expands your capacity. Whether Euroblock or other formats, we adapt the design individually for your cheese production and cheese ripening. Benefit from the rationalization of many small containers to one large load carrier and the associated savings in work steps. The GEBHARDT cheese crates can also be stacked several times and thus stored in a space-saving manner. We will be happy to advise you on your individual application without obligation.

  • For the expansion of production capacities in cheese production
  • For rationalization from many small containers to one large load carrier

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High quality end products

Ensure the consistently high quality of your cheese with our cheese boxes. GEBHARDT boxes, tailored to your process, help promote the ideal ripening process. Due to their dimensional accuracy and high-quality processing of the interior, the result of the shape of the loaves is sustainably improved. Preventing swelling or other contour deviations not only optimizes the basic appearance of your end products, but also reduces waste or scrap. Convince yourself of the advantages of GEBHARDT boxes and contact us for a consultation.

  • For an ideal ripening process
  • Dimensional accuracy and high quality workmanship

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Perfect for automated processes

As a long-time manufacturer of cheese boxes for dairies and cheese factories, we dive into our customers' logistics processes and design cheese ripening boxes that can be effortlessly integrated into existing processes. The dimensional accuracy of our containers enables smooth use on conveyor systems as well as fully automatic loading of the chambers with robotics. Turning processes are indispensable for the correct degree of ripeness of your high-quality perforated cheeses. With the GEBHARDT cheese maturing boxes you have the possibility to put an additional pallet on top and use the container in fully automatic turning systems. Due to the simple and tool-free connection technology of the base pallet and the body, automatic removal of the frame is also effortlessly possible when removing the cheese blocks. Use the stability and dimensional accuracy of our containers also for your automated processes in cheese storage!

  • Can be easily integrated into automatic turning systems
  • Perfect for automated cheese ripening processes

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Cleanliness and hygiene in storage and production

All GEBHARDT cheese maturing containers are specially tailored to your logistics and production processes and designed according to your requirements. When using materials, we pay attention to robust and long-lasting material with reduced abrasion and splintering effect, so that your facilities are not unnecessarily soiled or contaminated. Surface contours are designed for the best possible cleaning. On request, we are also happy to install an additional sump to collect any liquid build-up that may occur in the process and prevent it from escaping from the tank. Many of our customers take advantage of such a tray to protect their tanks and automated conveyor systems from leaking caustic solution during cheese ripening. This not only prevents contamination of the cheese box, but also extends the life of the container. We will be happy to provide you with more information on the individual details.

  • Robust and durable material
  • On request: Collecting tray for caustic solution can be integrated

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Durable, robust container due to intelligent design

Decades of know-how in the food industry have shown what is important in the construction of cheese maturing containers. Based on our experience, we have succeeded in building a durable and robust container. Take advantage of our weight-optimized cheese containers for your logistics processes and convince yourself of the intelligent design.  The unique and protected design with smart connection technology ensures smooth surfaces and few interfering contours. As a result, your foiled cheese blocks are optimally protected. Optimal haptics and protection of your employees are also guaranteed.  Selected surface treatments provide the containers with lasting protection against corrosion and other influences and significantly extend their service life. Arrange a non-binding consultation appointment!

  • Weight optimized cheese maturing container
  • Particularly smooth surface to protect the foiled cheese livers

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FAQ - Frequently asked questions about the GEBHARDT cheese maturing container

Which formats of cheese lids are suitable for GEBHARDT cheese maturing containers?

Our containers are custom made. i.e. we adapt the interior of the crates to your needs and dimensions. Please feel free to contact us.

What kind of cheese can be matured in GEBHARDT cheese maturing containers?

The containers are specially designed for semi-hard or hard cheese. We will be happy to discuss with you whether the containers are also suitable for your product.

Which dimensions of GEBHARDT cheese maturing containers are available?

Leading are your processes and the characteristics of your load. The dimensions are then adapted to your requirements.

How high can I stack a cheese maturing container?

The containers can be stacked several times depending on the resulting slenderness ratio and the statics. This is calculated from the basic dimensions and the desired payload. We will be happy to advise you on this!

For which industrial trucks is a cheese ripening container suitable?

In principle, the cheese maturing crates are suitable for most common industrial trucks. However, we will be happy to clarify the details with you.

Is it possible to integrate the cheese ripening containers in automated warehouses and on conveyor systems?

The substructure of the boxes is based on common pallet dimensions and is therefore eligible without any problems.