The GEBHARDT rolling containers

With the GEBHARDT rolling containers we keep your logistic processes in motion!

The GEBHARDT rolling containers

Benefit from our maneuverable, lightweight and ergonomic roll containers for transport, storage or order picking and let the quality of our load carriers convince you. GEBHARDT as a manufacturer of roll containers produces containers "Made in Germany" to support your logistics processes in the best possible way. The roll containers are used in a wide range of industries and increase the efficiency of our customers worldwide. The containers can be indispensable in retail or wholesale as well as in bakeries or butcher shops. All GEBHARDT roll containers can easily be customized in corporate colors and with customer logos. Convince yourself of the advantages of GEBHARDT rolling containers and let us advise you individually for your application!

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Your benefits at a glance

  • High stability
  • Ergonomic handling
  • Recyclable
  • For transport and storage or as order picking cart
  • Low dead weight
  • Long service life
  • Can be manufactured according to our customers' corporate identity
  • Easy cleaning
  • Economical use
The trolley is designed for retail use or as a storage container with light plastic pallet and insertable walls

Easy handling

The GEBHARDT roll containers "RBX" are characterized by their low dead weight with maximum stability. The installed swivel and fixed castors of our roll containers enable easy and ergonomic handling and can be used universally as transport and storage containers or for picking your goods. To support the processes in your intralogistics, all GEBHARDT roll containers are suitable for use with conveyor technology. GEBHARDT rolling containers are used in all areas. Whether as storage containers or in retail, our roll containers with light plastic pallet and galvanized or powder coated insert walls convince our customers worldwide with their easy handling.

  • Low tare weight of the roll container
  • For transport and storage or as order picking trolley

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Maximum variability for your logistics processes

The extensive additional equipment of the GEBHARDT roll carts grants you maximum variability in your logistics processes. The roll containers can be expanded at any time, which allows you to react flexibly to your changing applications and find transport solutions. Without having to purchase new containers, you can benefit from the extensive additional equipment and designs of our roll containers and purchase separately available intermediate shelves, side and rear walls, basic pallets or belts.

In order to find a suitable solution for every application, additional rear and side walls are available for the roll containers

Separately available rear and side walls

In order to be able to react flexibly to your logistics processes and to find a suitable solution for every area of application, you can add an additional rear wall or side wall to our roll containers at any time.

  • Rear wall or side wall additionally available
For more flexibility, additional intermediate shelves are available for our roller containers

Separately available intermediate shelf

In addition to additionally available rear and side panels, you can also purchase intermediate shelves for our "RBX" roller containers. For more flexibility in your application areas!

  • Intermediate shelf additionally available
The plastic shelves are sold separately to the roll container

Separately available basic pallet

The additionally available plastic shelves are made of 100% recyclable plastic.

  • 100% recyclable basic pallet additionally available
To secure the load, we additionally offer textile or rubber belts

Straps available separately

To secure your cargo, we also offer textile or rubber belts as additional equipment in our range

  • Textile or rubber belts additionally available
The specially designed side walls of the roll container save expensive freight space when returning empties

Space-saving and nestable

Due to its specially designed side walls, the GEBHARDT rolling container "Rocotec" can be stacked up to three high, i.e. nested. Use this advantage for your logistics processes and save expensive freight space on the truck when returning empties or benefit from a space saving of up to 75% in storage area. How to save 75% on floor space.

  • Can be stacked or nested 4 high
  • Space savings in the warehouse or on the truck of up to 75%.

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The rolling container has four fixed side walls to secure your goods

Our security roll containers with anti-theft function

The transport or storage of high value, valuable goods requires a secure roll container with anti-theft function. The "Secutec" metal container with wheels has four fixed side walls and can be locked to secure your goods. The galvanized metal walls protect the mesh container from rust and increase the service life of the container. The GEBHARDT metal container on wheels- with SAFETY a good choice!

  • Anti-theft
  • Galvanized metal containers

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Rolling carts for the perfect transport of boxes or crates in EURO format

The GEBHARDT Dollies - A favorable solution for the transport of boxes or crates in EURO format

The small plastic dollies from GEBHARDT are perfect for transporting boxes or crates in EURO format and are extremely maneuverable and space-saving. The dollies are available as half and quarter dolly and are built from 100% recyclable plastic. When not in use, the dollies can be safely stacked to save space due to the built-in wheel wells in the plastic base. Our transport dollies are mainly used in retail and wholesale, but also support the logistics processes of meat factories or bakeries in many ways. Let our roll container experts advise you and increase the efficiency of your logistics processes with us!

  • Half and quarter dollies available
  • Made of 100% recyclable plastic

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Sturdy, durable metal roll containers

The "A-Frame" metal roll containers from GEBHARDT secure your goods with an additional integrated rear wall and are characterized by their stable welded construction. In order to guarantee the durability of the roll containers and to protect their surfaces, all metal surfaces are galvanized. A great advantage of the roll containers is that you can nest several containers into each other to save space. Use the advantages of our stable and durable metal roll containers also for your logistics and let us advise you without obligation!

  • Stable welded construction with integrated rear wall
  • Metal surfaces galvanized

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A-Frame light

Our weight optimized metal roll container

The "A-Frame light" metal roll containers from GEBHARDT impress with a low dead weight and a light, ergonomic and yet stable metal construction. The metal surface of the containers is galvanized, which ensures the longevity of the transport rollers. When not in use, the A-Frame light can also be nested, saving valuable freight and storage space. Convince yourself of our light and ergonomic roll container!

  • Weight optimized container
  • Metal surfaces galvanized

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We don't just offer standards - customized solutions and corporate branding possible

In order to support your logistics processes in the best possible way, we also manufacture our roll containers in special dimensions.

  • Other dimensions possible on request

You want your company colors or corporate branding on our containers? No problem!

  • Corporate branding possible


  Basic dimensions   Usable heights Payload
RBX 26.38" x 32.09"
28.35" x 32.09"
59.06" (Rocotec only)
other heights on request
1102.31 lb
Secutec 28.35" x 32.09" x 72.80"   63.07" 1102.31 lb
Dolly 15.75" x 23.62"
23.62" x 31.50"
Quarter dolly
  551,16 lb
992,08 lb
A-Frame 31.93" x 28.35" x 71.06"     992.08 lb
A-Frame light 31.34" x 27.56" x 69.57"     1102.31 lb

The GEBHARDT rolling containers - for market leaders in your industry

We have 190 years’ experience in the manufacture of load carriers and are proud to have strong partners and well-known customers working with us.

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FAQ - Frequently asked questions about GEBHARDT rolling containers

What is the advantage of GEBHARDT plastic rolling containers compared to metal rolling containers?

The advantages of the plastic rolling containers:

  • No sharp edges
  • Easy cleaning
  • No rust formation
  • Low noise
  • Food safe
  • Recyclable
  • High payload
  • Low weight
  • Easy handling
  • Customer-specific color selection or name hot stamping possible

About our product Rocotec: Does stacking when empty require a lot of force?

Nesting, or stacking, is possible in a short time without much effort.

Are the roller containers suitable for conveyor systems?

Yes, our rolling plates are all designed to be suitable for conveyor systems.

You are welcome to have our plate tested for suitability for use by your plant manufacturer.

Can GEBHARDT plastic roller containers actually withstand a payload of up to 1102.31"?

Yes, due to the particularly stable construction of our plastic pallet, a payload of up to 1102.31" is possible without any problems.

Can I customize the colors of the rolling pallet and the push-on walls to my individual needs?

Both the colors for the rolling pallet and the colors of the push-on walls can of course be adapted to your wishes.

Can different types of wheels be used with the rolling containers?

Of course. Our offer includes wheels with different materials and diameters. Depending on the use and application, we will be happy to advise you on the individual wheel variants. Particularly quiet wheels as well as wheels for use in cold areas are possible.