Digitized manufacturing processes

Precision and dimensional accuracy

All value creation processes are continuously improved by booking in real time. The use of digital media, in addition to the use of modern technologies and production systems, enables us to manufacture products competitively and to guarantee clearly defined quality standards.

Automation and robotics

Precision in the individual part

The precise and partially automated production of individual parts and assemblies is our key to efficient and effective value creation steps. In our factories we process wood, metal and plastic composites and use them to produce reusable load carriers for various customer-specific applications.

Investment in own locations

Industry 4.0

We invest sustainably in our own locations and continuously develop our core competencies in the field of technology, production systems and processes. Many well-known partners in industry and trade have trusted in our stability for decades, not least in critical times.

We design the logistics processes of tomorrow

Continuous further development drives us

As the market leader in the logistics industry, we are actively helping to shape the logistics processes of tomorrow. 190 years of know-how and experience allow us to understand and develop the logistics processes in the industry

Innovations drive us

We develop tomorrow's intelligent load carriers

We are shaping the logistics industry of tomorrow with intelligent load carriers. In cooperation with our subsidiary 4smartlogistics GmbH , we offer our customers intelligent load carriers with a status check in real time.

4smartlogistics GmbH

  • Process analysis & advice

    Process analysis & advice

    Competence and know-how for 190 years

    We see ourselves as process understanders and logistical process consultants. We penetrate the existing system in order to understand it and to find the right levers for optimization. A partnership relationship with our customers helps us to include upstream and downstream interfaces in our analysis and to obtain a holistic picture.

  • Development competence

    Development competence

    Development and construction from a single source

    Our customers are fully supported and reliably accompanied throughout the entire development process. Starting with the concept creation in 2D or 3D mode, through container constructions, prototypes, pre-series or series failure samples, up to series load carriers, we are the experienced partner for complex solution requirements.

  • Test & Technology Center

    Test & Technology Center

    For a consistently high quality of our products

    Prüfungen und Tests im hauseigenen Test- and Technology Center (TTC) sind Grundlagen für mehr Sicherheit in Logistikabläufen. Um die hohe Qualität unserer Produkte zu sichern, steht auch der gesamte Produktionsablauf immer wieder auf dem Prüfstand. Dabei arbeiten wir mit offiziellen Institutionen wie dem TÜV zusammen. Die Ergebnisse werden in Prüfberichten und Zertifikaten dokumentiert.

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  • Manufacturing technology

    Manufacturing technology

    We rely on digitized processes

    In our factories we process wood, metal and plastic composites and use them to produce reusable load carriers for various customer-specific applications. Modern production facilities and technologies are a prerequisite for manufacturing competitive products and guaranteeing clearly defined quality standards.

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