The GEBHARDT portable pallet rack

Are you looking for a flexible storage system for your goods? The GEBHARDT portable pallet rack will solve your logistical challenges.

The GEBHARDT portable pallet racks

With its modular portable pallet rack system, you can customise your logistics processes and make optimal use of your area or shelf space. In doing so, you will be relying on a base platform that is compatible with all common industrial trucks and automations. The hybrid load carrier, consisting of the combinatorics of sustainable wood and sturdy steel, allows you to design your warehouse flexibly and to protect the loaded goods in the best possible way. The modular principle offers you a wide range of possibilities. You decide which components best fit your circumstances.

Find out more about the flexible portable pallet racks and the possible variants and options. Let us advise you, without obligation, and benefit from our expertise from more than 190 years in the logistics industry!

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Your benefits at a glance

  • Pipe bracket pallet with modular principle
  • Numerous application possibilities
  • Can be emptied
  • Suitable as storage and transport rack
  • Optimal utilization of storage space
  • Safe stacking
  • Protection of the goods
  • Customized design possible

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A flexible and efficient load carrier suitable for your logistics processes

With GEBHARDT's portable pallet rack, you will be opting for a system consisting of a hardwood pallet and a tubular frame that you can flexibly integrate into your logistics processes. The basic pallet, with the standard dimensions, brings all the advantages of a system pallet in terms of payload, sag, dimensional accuracy, abrasion values, service life and sustainability. You can draw on the right tubular frame for your needs and use your pallet as a stacking rack, form a pallet cage or use individual posts. With the GEBHARDT portable pallet rack, all possibilities are open to you.

Come and see the advantages of GEBHARDT's portable pallet rack for yourself!

  • Flexible application
  • Cost-optimised supply chain

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Numerous possibilities due to modular principle

Are you looking for an adaptable storage technology concept? The modular principle of the GEBHARDT portable pallet rack offers you numerous possibilities in this regard. With its various modules, more than 100 configurations can be created. The components can be assembled by one person effortlessly in a few seconds. This is possible due to the stable yet lightweight construction. You can configure the system with us according to your requirements and can expand it subsequently at any time. The modules build on each other and do not require the use of any tools.

Our storage equipment experts will be happy to advise you on your particular usage case without obligation!

  • Numerous possibilities due to its modular principle
  • The right wall lining for each of the loaded goods

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Cost savings due to efficient use of cargo space

Thanks to efficient compaction of the empties, you can save costs in extra logistics and can make more efficient use of your cargo space. The GEBHARDT portable pallet rack can be stacked to save space and transported on the truck when bringing back the empties.

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  • Optimal use of cargo space
  • Optimal compaction of empties

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Optimal use of storage space

Do you want to get the most out of your storage space or shelving? Then the GEBHARDT portable pallet rack ist just the right tool for you. Separate the goods without using an additional pallet? With the optional posts, you can quickly divide the pallet's area into several segments.

Do you want to extend the height of your shelves, but your goods for loading are too unstable or would have to be stored upright? No problem – our system can help you with this as well.
Simply insert the right accessory for your application into the hollow rivets in the pallets.

Spontaneously conjure up block warehouses or storage aisles, or use the load carriers in your high-bay warehouse.
That precious storage space needs to get used!

  • Diverse range of uses
  • Optimisation of storage space

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Protect your goods against damage

Do you want to protect your products against getting damaged? Stack your goods without a care in the world using the GEBHARDT portable pallet rack, and you won't have to worry about your loaded goods being weighed upon by the applied load of the pallet above. Defective cardboard boxes or pressure damage thus become a thing of the past. Your goods can also be protected laterally by means of additional suspension rods or walls. This prevents scrape and abrasion damage, while the goods are secured against falling out during handling.

By using portable pallet rack systems, you significantly reduce your costs for replacing damaged goods and also prevent complaints!

  • Protect your goods during transport
  • Secure stacking

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One palette - Many possibilities

The many combination possibilities of GEBHARDT portable pallet racks are as flexible as your logistics processes!

Tubular frame - Basic

Tubular frame - Cage

Tubular frame - Horizontal

Tubular frame - Vertical

Raised floors


Suspension rods

Various hanging walls


Pallet dimension (L x W x H) Payload* Stacking** Outer dimensions (L x W x H***) Inner dimensions (L x W x H***)
48" x 40" x 5.5" 440-2205 lbs 3-5 fold 40" x 49" x 37" 26" x 40" x 31"
      40" x 49" x 45" 26" x 40" x 39"
      40" x 49" x 53" 26" x 40" x 47"
      40" x 49" x 61" 26" x 40" x 55"

* Depending on the load and the height of the tube stirrup as well as the storage situation.
** Depending on the tube stirrup height and the payload.
*** Useful height 31", 39", 47" or 55"

Direct contact - Your contact persons at GEBHARDT Logistic Solutions

Do you have any questions about the GEBHARDT tubular frame pallets or would you like individual advice? Please feel free to contact us!

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Team of the Industry Department at Gebhardt
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FAQ: Frequently asked questions about the portable pallet rack

Are the portable pallet racks suitable for conveyor systems and high-bay racking?

Yes, our products are basically suitable for this. The basic platforms are designed like a pallet. Simply contact us for a detailed consultation on your system.

How repair-friendly is the pipe bracket system?

The GEBHARDT pipe bracket system is completely modular and tool-free. If a component is defective, it can be replaced in no time at all.

Are the products IPPC/ISPM 15 treated?

Depending on customer requirements, each pallet can be treated in the in-house drying chambers IPPC or according to ISPM 15 on request.

Can containers be customised?

In addition to standard sizes, GEBHARDT also manufactures customised systems. We would be happy to design an individual system for you. Contact our sales team and arrange a free consultation appointment!

Which surfaces are possible with GEBHARDT metal products?

Depending on the product use and the product material, we can depict different surfaces (galvanising, powder coating according to RAL spectrum).

Which industrial trucks can be used to transport GEBHARDT portable pallet racks?

The pallets are suitable for a wide range of forklift trucks. Our sales team will be happy to discuss the details with you.

How high can I stack and load portable pallet racks?

GEBHARDT portable pallet racks can be stacked several times depending on the resulting slenderness ratio and the statics. This is calculated from the basic dimensions and the desired payload. We will be happy to advise you on this!

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