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Load carrier for ELECTROMOBILITY

Are you looking for transport and packaging solutions for electric drive modules or batteries in the automotive sector? GEBHARDT develops and designs individual, precisely fitting load carriers for electromobility with the highest quality standards in fully and partially automated manufacturing processes.

The GEBHARDT load carriers for alternative drive systems

Recent developments in the automotive industry show that alternative drive modules are becoming increasingly important and electric and hybrid vehicles are gaining in importance.

The GEBHARDT load carriers for electric mobility are specially developed for the requirements of hybrid and electric vehicles and ensure safe transport of your components. Load carriers individually developed for your processes and products optimally protect your goods during transport and can be easily integrated into existing logistic processes.

GEBHARDT special load carriers are manufactured in series production with the highest standards of precision and are suitable as automatable load carriers for use with robotics.

GEBHARDT has been developing and producing load carriers for national customers as well as international global corporations for over 190 years and convinces with automated production technology and the highest quality standards in series production. As the market leader in the industry, we have, thanks to our many years of experience, very extensive know-how as a manufacturer of transport racks and produce load carriers for automotive in always consistently high production quality.

GEBHARDT-Your specialist for transport and storage solutions in logistics!

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Your benefit at a glance

  • Load carriers that can be automated
  • Cost savings through automated handling
  • Transport of several derivatives in one flexible special load carrier
  • Optimal protection of the load
  • Precise, automated series production
  • Optimized component accommodation through the use of different material combinations
  • Approved manufacturer for packaging of dangerous goods
  • Customized load carriers for your logistics processes

The GEBHARDT special load carriers for use with robotics

The focus of the planning of individual load carriers is your logistics processes. For this reason, our containers for the automotive industry are designed to precisely fit your logistic requirements. To ensure that GEBHARDT special load carriers can be easily integrated into fully automatic robot lines, we install individual centering units in our containers. This has the advantage that the robot, which loads or unloads the load carrier, receives an exact reference point at which position the component is located.

Use our intelligent load carriers as a success factor for your logistics and thus increase the efficiency and accuracy of your processes!

  • Individual load carriers specifically for your requirements
  • For use with robotics

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Highest precision

In the production of GEBHARDT load carriers, we attach great importance to high-precision manufacturing in series production. For this reason, we use a mobile 3D coordinate measuring machine and continuously check all settings of the load carrier with the help of a measuring protocol. We give everything for the dimensional accuracy and precision of our load carriers, so that your components can be optimally protected, packed and shipped.

Convince yourself of our high quality standard and optimize your operational processes and internal logistics with GEBHARDT load carriers for electromobility!

  • High precision manufacturing
  • Series production

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Load carriers that can be automated

GEBHARDT special load carriers are manufactured in our plants in fully and partially automated production processes. With the use of modern robotic systems, we achieve a large output quantity in series production with continuously high quality standards. GEBHARDT load carriers are manufactured with consistent precision and can be easily integrated into your automated logistics processes and loaded and unloaded by robots. With our precise manufacturing and the use of the latest laser technology, GEBHARDT special load carriers can enhance your logistics processes.

Convince yourself of the advantages of GEBHARDT load carriers that can be automated!

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Technical cleanliness

GEBHARDT charge carriers meet the requirements of so-called technical cleanliness. By driving into a clean room, disturbing particles are prevented from depositing on the battery and contaminating the component. The GEBHARDT containers are almost leak-proof and prevent the penetration of larger particles even during transport. Thus, in addition to the requirements of technical cleanliness, the residual dirt requirements are also met.

  • Technical cleanliness
  • Residual dirt requirements met

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Charge carriers for battery components

Efficient packing density and transport of multiple derivatives in one transport rack

The GEBHARDT load carriers for battery components are individually tailored to the respective component requirements and can safely transport several derivatives in one rack. This has the advantage that as many components as possible can be packed in one load carrier and you can save freight costs. In addition to the financial aspect, however, the ecological, sustainable aspect is also very important to GEBHARDT, because the complete utilization of the truck loading area also protects the environment.

  • Transport of multiple derivatives
  • Efficient packing density

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Transport of dangerous goods

Experts for transport of dangerous goods

Our fabrication site is approved for the production of dangerous goods containers. These are mandatory for the transport of dangerous goods in accordance with the ADR directive in the public transport network. In particular, these are components of the segments airbag, battery without shockproof housing and cells. Our development, sales and production departments are experts in the field of dangerous goods transport and provide you with targeted support throughout the entire product development process right up to final delivery.

Convince yourself

Individual, custom-fit solutions for your logistics processes

Our special load carriers are as flexible and individual as our customers' logistics processes!

For this reason, all load carriers for the automotive industry are special constructions and customer matches. Let our experts advise you and find the load carrier that best suits you and your logistics processes!

Our customer process could look like this, for example:


Individual customer solutions to protect your sensitive components.

The GEBHARDT special load carriers for electric drive modules are specially designed to meet the requirements of alternative drive modules and optimally protect your load during transport. At GEBHARDT, we design customized solutions to optimally support your logistics processes. Precisely manufactured plastic mountings enable us to quickly adapt our load carriers to customer-specific requirements. The use of plastic components reduces the load carrier weight and improves the efficiency of your logistics processes in terms of truck utilization and output. In the area of change management, the individual plastic holders can be adapted quickly, cost-effectively and sustainably to modified component contours - a perfect re-use option for further projects!

Let our experts advise you and increase the flexibility and efficiency of your logistics processes with GEBHARDT load carriers for e-mobility!

  • Optimum protection of the load
  • For alternative drive modules

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Load carrier for drive module

The GEBHARDT special load carriers stand for automated handling

GEBHARDT load carriers are all suitable for automated handling and can be easily removed and picked up by robots due to their high-precision fully and semi-automated production. Due to the special design of the floor construction, the load carrier can be transported safely with any type of industrial truck. The GEBHARDT special custom-made load carriers stand for safe handling and fit optimally into your existing automated or manual logistics processes. We design customized load carriers that protect your components and can be smoothly integrated into your production and conveyor technology.

  • Suitable for automated handling
  • High-precision fully and semi-automatic production

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The load carrier for electromobility - A certified container

The load carrier for electromobility is regularly tested and certified to optimally support your logistics processes.

ISO 9001:2015

This certificate attests that GEBHARDT Logistic Solutions has implemented and maintains a quality management system in accordance with the above standard. Certified areas are development, production and distribution of industry-specific solutions for transport and storage of goods and merchandise in industry and trade.

  • Certificate valid until: 23-01-08
  • Certified production of transport and storage systems
EN ISO 3834-3:2005

This certificate attests that GEBHARDT Logistic Solutions has implemented and maintains a welding process in accordance with the above standard. Certified areas are the production of welded Steel constructions as well as the
production of special pallets and vessels.

  • Certificate valid until: 26-10-27
  • Certified production of welded Steel constructions, production of special pallets and vessels

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FAQ - Frequently asked questions about GEBHARDT charge carriers for electromobility

What are the advantages of GEBHARDT special load carriers?

  • Safe transport and better storage of your components
  • Reliable protection of your transported goods
  • Sustainability due to reusable packaging and thus an extremely long life cycle
  • Optimal design of the packing density in the load carrier
  • Robust and stable construction

How do I secure my load during shipping?

With a GEBHARDT special load carrier, the load can be transported safely between production sites. Due to the optimal selection of materials for the inside of the container and an optimal protection of the components, a constant high quality of your components can be ensured.

What is the capacity of the load carrier?

Each load carrier is optimized according to your logistical and process requirements with regard to the packing density in the load carrier as well as on the transport route. In this way, we guarantee maximum efficiency of your processes.

How is a component handled?

GEBHARDT special load carriers are developed and produced for manual, semi-automated and fully automated component handling in accordance with your process requirements. This ensures that your processes run smoothly at all times.

Is there a tracking solution?

An intelligent tracking solution from 4smartlogistics enables you to record various data digitally and without gaps in order to analyze and optimize your logistics processes.

Can load carriers be developed by GEBHARDT?

We design innovative functions and products. Our team of engineers and technicians design and simulate new load carriers using CAD methods. The developments are made with Solid Works, CATIA and Siemens NX.  The latest techniques enable us to provide you with the load carrier in Argumented Reality in advance. This has the advantage for you that you can view the load carrier in real size before the prototype is built in your halves and any details can be visualized in detail in advance.

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