EWPS wheel range from Gebhardt

The EWPS wheel range

You want to supply leading companies in the automotive industry (OEMs) and are looking for a load carrier for wheels and rims certified by VDA and EUWA? Then GEBHARDT is the right choice for you! We are the only certified manufacturer for a total of three sizes of EWPS pallets in Europe.

The EWPS wheel range

Wheels and rims are the so-called "decoration for the car" and give your car the final touch. Wheels and rims are high-quality and demanding products that have to meet the highest technical requirements for driving dynamics, safety and aesthetics, and for this reason require special protection. Therefore, the VDA (Association of the German Automotive Industry) as well as the EUWA (Association of European Wheel Manufactures) recommends delivery with standardized EWPS pallets.

GEBHARDT is a certified manufacturer of EWPS (= European Wheel Pallet System) wheel pallets for transport and storage of rims and wheels. A complete EWPS set consists of the components base pallet, top frame as well as plastic intermediate tiers and is used as a load carrier for rims and wheels made of steel or light alloy. In our certified manufacturing facilities in Germany and the Czech Republic, we produce the sizes 2, 3 and 4 of the EWPS wheel pallet with the highest precision using fully and partially automated manufacturing processes.

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Your benefit at a glance:

  • Europe-wide standardized system for car, SUV, truck wheels and rims
  • Exchange pool for all wheel manufacturers, tire wheel assembly partner and OEMs
  • The right EWPS for every wheel and rim size
  • Truck optimized dimensions
  • Extremely stable and safe
  • Short delivery times
  • Suitable for automation and conveying
  • Fully integrable into industry standard processes


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From the wheel manufacturer to the vehicle- Safe handling of rims and wheels

Light alloy rims and wheels are particularly susceptible to damage during transport or storage and should therefore be given special protection. The use of the EWPS pallet in combination with intermediate layers adapted to the size of the load guarantees optimum protection of your sensitive products. Each layer of rims is precisely locked with the plastic layers in between. In this way, the complete system consisting of base frame, top cover and intermediate tiers forms a self- locking system at the end, which optimally protects against damage. Use the advantage of the EWPS pallet from GEBHARDT and save costs by a careful storage and a safe transport of wheels or rims!

  • Gentle storage
  • Safe transport

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Reduction of the complaint rate and cost savings

The standardized EWPS wheel pallet is available from GEBHARDT in three sizes and thus optimally designed for the storage and transport of steel and light alloy wheels with almost all diameters. Whether for cars, SUVs or trucks, the GEBHARDT EWPS wheel pallet is the right solution for wheels or rims from 15 inches to 24 inches. The pool-capable load carrier is used throughout Europe by car manufacturers, wheel manufacturers and assembly companies and stands for extremely safe transport. The EWPS pallet is characterized by the fact that, together with the system units base pallet, plastic spacers (interlayers) and top frame, a self-locking load unit is formed, which can reduce the complaint rate and save unnecessary costs.

  • Storage and transport of steel and light alloy rims of all sizes
  • Self-locking loading unit

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Maximum of flexibility due to poolable EWPS pallets

Due to the standardization of the EWPS pallet according to the recommendation of VDA and EUWA, our load carrier is poolable and certified for the delivery of OEMs. This means that all components of the EWPS pallet correspond to a standard size in the respective sizes and can therefore be used as a poolable load carrier. By purchasing EWPS wheel pallets from a certified manufacturer, one is entitled to participate in the pooling system. In addition to storage, the load carriers for wheels and rims are also used for shipping. When a loaded EWPS pallet is delivered to OEMs or participating service providers, it can be exchanged for empties from the pool. This is comparable to other pooling systems, such as the europallet.

  • Poolable load carrier
  • All components designed in standard dimensions for pooling systems

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The right size of EWPS pallet for every application

For optimal support of your logistics processes, there are different versions within the EWPS model range depending on the wheel or rim size. To find the right size for your wheels or rims, our certified EWPS pallet is available in different dimensions.

  • The EWPS wheel pallet size 2 is optimally designed for the storage and transport of steel or light alloy wheels with a diameter of 15" - 20".
  • EWPS wheel pallet size 3 is optimally designed for storage and transportation of steel or light alloy wheels with a diameter of 17.5", 19.5", 21", 22.5" and 20" TBS* (tapered bead seat wheel).
  • EWPS wheel pallet size 4 is optimally designed for storage and transport of 22", 23" and 24" steel or light alloy wheels.

The different variants of the EWPS wheel range

Find the right EWPS wheel range for your rim size!

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The dimensions of the EWPS wheel range

EWPS-System Dimension Höhe Grundpalette Height base pallet Usable for inch size
Size 2 53.46" x 45.39" 7.68" 2.76" 15“, 16“, 17“, 18“, 19“, 20“
Size 3 47.56" x 47.56" 8.46" 4.33" 17,5", 19,5", 21", 22,5", 20" TBS
Size 4 75.11" x 47.55" 7.68 4.33" 22", 23", 24"

Fast availability keeps your logistics processes always on the move

At GEBHARDT, we are able to respond flexibly to your urgent needs, as we always have a stock of basic pallets, end frames ready for you at short notice. This ensures fast availability, so that your logistics processes can always keep moving.

  • Short delivery times
  • Fast availability

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High system and process reliability due to automation and conveyor suitability

The EWPS wheel pallet can be integrated into your existing logistics systems without any problems, since a uniform system has been created throughout Europe by the VDA guideline 4503 and the EUWA standard ES 4.05. This eliminates the need to change your logistics processes. This has the great advantage that costs can be avoided, as a high level of system and process reliability can be guaranteed through integration in automatic conveyor technology. The easy integration into standard industry processes offers you maximum effectiveness for your logistics. This makes EWPS pallets ideally suited for use in large warehouses or production processes of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in the automotive industry.

  • EWPS pallets according to VDA guideline 4503 and EUWA standard ES 4.05
  • Easy integration into automatic conveyor systems

The EWPS range of wheels - A range of wheels for a wide variety of applications

The GEBHARDT-EWPS pallet is suitable for use in a wide range of industries and can be used wherever delivery in standardized and certified load carriers for wheels or tires is mandatory.

Tire manufacturer

Complete wheel assembly/Tire Fitter

Rim production

Wheel manufacturer

Original Equipment Manufacturer


Contract logistics provider

The GEBHARDT EWPS wheel range - For market leaders in your industry

Due to our 190 years of experience in the production of load carriers, we are proud to have strong partners and renowned customers at our side.

The EWPS wheel range - A certified container

The EWPS wheel range is regularly tested and certified to optimally support your logistics processes and to ensure consistently high quality.

As a manufacturer of the EWPS wheel range, GEBHARDT is therefore listed in sizes 2, 3 and 4 in accordance with VDA guideline 4503.

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FAQ - Frequently asked questions about the GEBHARDT EWPS wheel pallet


GEBHARDT is a VDA (German Association of the Automotive Industry) approved manufacturer for EWPS pallets with the system components in sizes 2, 3 and 4. With our highly automated production you can rely on the consistent quality of our products. The poolable load carriers are used for the transport and storage of car/SUV and truck wheels made of steel and light alloy.

Which wheel sizes or rim sizes can I transport or store?

The EWPS wheel pallet in size 2 is optimally designed for the storage and transport of steel or light alloy wheels with a diameter of 15" - 20".

The EWPS wheel pallet in size 3 is optimally designed for the storage and transport of steel or light alloy wheels with a diameter of 17.5", 19.5", 21", 22.5" and 20" TBS.

The EWPS wheel pallet in size 4 is optimally designed for the storage and transport of 22", 23" and 24" steel or light alloy wheels.

13“, 14“, 15“, 16“, 17“, 17,5“, 18“, 19“, 19,5“, 20“, 20“ TBS*, 21“, 22“, 22,5“, 23“ and 24“            

     *TBS = Tapered bead seat wheel / Schrägschulter-Rad

How are wheels and rims stored or transported?

The wheels/rims are transported or stored horizontally, separated by plastic intermediate layers on several levels.  Each layer of rims is locked to the intermediate layer and can thus be transported particularly safely and gently. A cube is formed with the end frame, which allows the pack to be completely arranged.

In which colors is the EWPS available and can it be customized?

The steel components are always finished in RAL 7032 pebble gray and, thanks to this distinguishing feature, fit smoothly into the existing (pooling) system. The plastic spacers have an individual color marking and defined position for each type and inch size. The company logo can be integrated into the ownership mark on request. On the steel components, this takes the form of a label. The company name can be embossed on the optional intermediate layers.

How is the EWPS cleaned?

Dirty components can be cleaned with water. The all-round, precise welded seam prevents water from penetrating the construction.

Can I use the EWPS with conveyor systems or for a high bay warehouse?

The wheeled pallets are fully automation and conveyor compatible, which not only ensures high system and process reliability, but also avoids personnel downtime. Due to the fact that the EWPS pallet is fully suitable for automation and conveying, it can be used in a high-bay warehouse without any problems.

How high can I stack the wheel pallet, what is the maximum payload and load capacity?

The stacking height is approved to a maximum of 5 m. It should be noted that a pack may not exceed a payload of more than 1000 kg and the maximum applied load of the lowest load unit may not exceed 3000 kg.

How many EWPS fit on a truck?

The load quantity depends on the selected system size (2, 3 or 4), as well as the desired wheel size (13", 14", 15", 16", 17", 17.5", 18", 19", 19.5", 20", 20" TBS*, 21", 22", 22.5", 23" and 24") and the number of intermediate layers used. In general, the following parking spaces can be used per truck (semi-trailer with 13.6 m length and 2.45 m interior height):

  • 19 stacks for size 2
  • 22 stacks for size 3
  • 14 stacks for size 4

When empty, the following quantities of the complete clothing without intermediate layers fit on one truck (semi-trailer with 13.6 m length and 2.45 m interior height):

  • 209 sets of size 2
  • 286 sets of size 3
  • 126 sets of size 4

How many rims/wheels fit on an EWPS and how are the rims and wheels secured?

The number of rims or wheels depends on several factors. In addition to wheel size, the number of layers and consideration of the payload, ergonomic handling and possible specifications are also important. The design of the individual system components (base pallet, intermediate layers and end frame) forms a self-securing load unit when empty and loaded. This is then banded and/or wrapped in film.

Is there a tracking solution for the wheel pallet?

Currently, no tracking of the wheel pallets is used. A solution is currently being examined by EUWA and VDA.