The GEBHARDT tire rack ECOTIRErack®

You want to store or transport tires or wheels of any kind safely and efficiently? The tire racks or also called tire pallets of the ECOTIRErack® product range offer you the optimal solution for your logistics processes for all types of storage and transport!

The ECOTIRErack ® tire rack

The ECOTIRErack ® tire rack made of steel is used for storing and transporting tires and is considered a particularly efficient and safe load carrier for tires of all types. No matter if car/SUV, truck, agri or two-wheeler, the GEBAHRDT tire pallets are the right choice for every type of tire!

The GEBHARDT tire rack is "made in Germany" and is manufactured with the help of automated processes with the highest quality standards in our German factories. All tire pallets of the ECOTIRErack ® product family support your logistics processes and help you to make optimal use of your storage space. The uniform basic dimensions of our products make it easy for you to set up a coherent storage concept, as our load carriers are equally suitable for upright, horizontal and nested storage types and offer precisely fitting solutions.

With GEBHARDT as the market leader for logistics solutions, you have the specialist for load carriers and efficient logistics processes at your side. You can rely on the quality of our products - and that for over 190 years!

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Your benefits at a glance:

  • Ergonomic handling
  • safe storage and transport of tires
  • full compatibility of the entire product family with the market standard
  • high stability and robustness
  • fast availability/short delivery times
  • coherent storage concept

Read our free white paper on how you can make your logistics processes even more efficient with our ECOTIRErack®!

Use the advantages of ECOTIRErack® for your logistics processes and store your tires and wheels safely and efficiently! Request your free white paper by e-mail here!

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From the tire manufacturer to the vehicle - Safe transport and space-saving storage

Our tire pallets of the ECOTIRErack® family are specially designed for transport and storage of tires and support you in transporting tires safely and gently from the manufacturer to the vehicle. The optionally available bottom with bend protects the tires from falling out and thus additionally secures your cargo. The GEBHARDT tire racks can be stacked four high when loaded with a payload of 1000 kg each and offer the advantage of maximum space savings in your warehouses. When folded, the racks can be stacked 20 high, thus allowing space-saving storage. When empty, a total of 96 racks fit on one truck. Convince yourself of the advantages of GEBAHRDT tire racks!

  • Gentle storage
  • Safe transport

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Ergonomic, safe and risk-free handling

The sturdy steel construction of the ECOTIRErack® tire racks from GEBHARDT offers you easy folding and unfolding of the side walls and thus maximum flexibility and space savings. You can transport a total of 96 folded tire racks on one truck and thus increase the efficiency of your logistics processes. The ergonomic locking of the walls also makes handling the tire boxes risk-free and safe. Especially when storing tires upright, the individual levels, which are formed by means of the suspension bars, can be loaded ergonomically. Increase the efficiency of your logistics processes through the ergonomics and safety of GEBHARDT tire racks!

  • Space saving due to collapsible tire racks
  • Risk-free and safe handling

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RENT instead of buying

As an alternative to buying, GEBHARDT offers the rental of tire racks. In a first step, an individual needs analysis is developed together with you. This is the basis for the decision between purchase and rental. Due to different contract periods, you as a customer benefit and gain more flexibility.

The advantage of renting load carriers is that you can cover seasonal peaks at short notice with tire pallets from our rental pool. But also in the case of a complete re-stocking or in the ramp-up phase of a warehouse or in the course of a project business, a rental, in contrast to a purchase, can be significantly more favorable in terms of price. After the rental period, the containers can be taken over or returned to GEBHARDT. If you are interested in renting containers and would like advice on possible savings, our team will be happy to assist you!

  • Balancing seasonal peaks through rental pools
  • Container rental as an attractively priced option to purchase

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ECOTIRErack® - One product series for all storage techniques

The tire racks differ in each case in the type and technology of tire storage and thus integrate optimally into your existing logistics processes. Depending on the tire storage, we will be happy to advise you personally which variant of our tire pallets best supports your logistics processes.

If you store tires nested in your warehouses, our top seller for this storage technology is the tire rack TR-EC-05. You prefer an upright storage? Then the GEBAHRDT tire rack TR-EC-12 with hanging bars is our recommendation for you. You want maximum flexibility in the type of your tire storage and want to keep the possibility for standing as well as nested storage open? Our tire rack TR-EC 32 could be just the right thing for your application!

Let our experts advise you individually!

  • Standing storage
  • Nested storage
  • Upright and nested storage
  • All racks are fully suitable for automation and conveying

The different variants of GEBHARDT tire racks

The tire racks of the ECOTIRErack® family have a basic dimension of 2395 mm x 1250 mm and are variable in height (standard dimension is 2200 mm). Customized designs are possible at any time!

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The dimensions of the tire racks

Tire rack Bearing type Basic dimension Height Payload Stacking factor Tire type
TR-EC-05 nested 94.29" x 49.21" 86.61" 2204.62 lb 4 PKW, SUV, LKW
TR-EC-12 standing 94.29" x 49.21" 86.61" 2204.62 lb 4 PKW, SUV
TR-EC-32 nested or standing 94.29" x 49.21" 86.61" 2204.62 lb 4 PKW, SUV, LKW
TR-TB-12 standing 94.29" x 49.21" 49.21" 1322.77 lb 6 LKW, Agri
TR-AC-14 standing 94.29" x 49.21" 86.61" 1653.47 lb / 2204.62 lb 4 Agri

Fully automation and conveyor capable tire racks

To provide optimum support for your logistics processes, the ECOTIRErack® range includes various designs and variants. All tire pallets have the great advantage that they are fully suitable for automation and conveying. This means that all GEBHARDT tire racks are suitable for use in high-bay warehouses and also ensure a high level of system and process reliability, which can prevent downtimes.

  • Fully suitable for automation and conveyors
  • Suitable for high-bay warehouses
  • High system and process reliability

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The GEBHARDT tire rack ECOTIRErack® for a wide variety of applications

The ECOTIRErack® tire rack is suitable for use in a wide variety of industries and can be used wherever tires are stored or transported

Complete wheel fitters/Tire fitters

Tire manufacturers/tire industry

Original Equipment Manufacturer

Vehicle manufacturers/OEM

Contract logistics/transport logistics companies


Tire wholesalers/tire retailers

The GEBHARDT tire rack ECOTIRErack®- A tire rack for market leaders in your industry

Due to our 190 years of experience in the production of load carriers, we are proud to have strong partners and renowned customers at our side.

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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions regarding GEBHARDT tire rack ECOTIRErack®

Why the tire palette from GEBHARDT?

Load carriers for tires from GEBHARDT are stable, flexible and efficient solutions. They ensure a gentle storage of tires and thus a reduction of complaint rates and costs. At the same time, the racks themselves are durable, ergonomic and cost-efficient.

All tire racks produced by GEBHARDT are available in the entire RAL spectrum. We are also happy to produce and deliver an individualized look with your logo, brand or imprint. For example, the company logo or company name can be applied to the side member. This ensures recognition from a distance, regardless of whether it is erected or folded.

What are the tire racks and who uses them?

Basically, tire racks differ according to tire type and storage type. In the case of tire type, a distinction is made between car/SUV, truck, agri and two-wheeler. The storage type is differentiated between, nested, standing, lying and the combination of standing and nested storage. Other terms for the nested bearing are fishbone or fishbone or also pretzel bearing.

The usually foldable storage racks are used in the tire industry by manufacturers and producers, logistics companies such as contract and transport logistics companies, distribution companies such as tire wholesalers and tire retailers as well as workshops, but also rim manufacturers and complete wheel fitters.

The tire boxes are also often used as a rack for storing rims in cardboard boxes or other goods.

How are tires stored or transported?

GEBHARDT tire racks are ideally suited for storage and transport. The tires can be stored standing, lying or nested in the racks as well as transported in the respective tire pallets. Our ECOTIRErack® family offers maximum flexibility for this purpose and is designed for a long service life through tested and proven statics and strength.

The loaded pallets are quickly loaded and unloaded onto the truck by forklift. The load securing is guaranteed by the side parts. The tire box is suitable for use in intermediate warehouse traffic and distribution traffic. The tire racks are foldable for cost-effective and space-saving return transport.

What is the payload and load capacity of a tire pallet?

The payload is 1000 kg per tire rack with a simultaneous stacking factor of four in the warehouse. The tire racks of the ECOTIRErack® family are fully stackable among each other and are compatible with a market standard due to the basic dimensions. When folded, they can be stacked 20 high on top of each other. In case of different heights and payloads, the stacking factor may change.

Is the tire pallet suitable for a high-bay warehouse and a conveyor system?

Yes, the tire pallets are fully suitable for automation and conveying, and therefore also suitable for a corresponding high rack. This not only ensures a high level of system and process reliability, but also avoids downtimes.

How many tires fit in a tire pallet and how are the tires secured?

The number of tires depends on several factors. These include the type of storage and the desired overall height of the tire rack, as well as tire diameter and width. It is not possible to make a blanket statement on this.

In nested storage, the inherently stable stack of tires is secured by the side walls, as is the case with horizontal storage. In upright storage, the tires are secured by their shape between the bars and also by the sidewall. When transporting tires in racks, it is recommended to load in tight fit or to additionally secure the last pallet.

How many tire racks fit on a truck or a sea container?

Delivery to you is usually made by jumbo truck, which corresponds to a loading quantity of 96 pieces.

The loading quantity depends on the type/dimensions of the container. In a 40' -HC (High Cube) container fit 63 pieces of container tire racks (100mm shorter than standard).

Can I rent tire racks?

GEBHARDT offers the possibility to rent tire racks as an alternative to purchase. After a joint needs analysis, we will be happy to make you an offer. This gives you maximum flexibility when it comes to covering seasonal peaks at short notice or implementing temporary projects. Long-term rental over several years is also possible.

Does GEBHARDT take back tire racks?

The repurchase of used racks is a service with which GEBHARDT effectively relieves its customers when the demand in the warehouse changes. For example, a complete change of assortment is also easier to carry out.

Is there a tracking solution for the transport racks?

Both active and passive tracking of the tire racks is optionally possible. Just contact us directly.