Accessories for Euro pallet

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Accessories for Euro pallets

Get more out of your Euro pallets and maximise their flexibility in storage and road transport - this is possible with the versatile accessories from GEBHARDT! The Euro pallet is undoubtedly one of the most popular transport solutions worldwide, but its uses are often limited. However, with the right accessories, completely new perspectives open up. A decisive advantage of the accessories is the possibility of stacking, which enables optimal space utilisation in the warehouse. This saves costs and makes warehouse operations more efficient. But safety also plays an important role. The pallets can be properly secured by the matching tubular brackets without having to use elaborate foils. GEBHARDT offers a wide range of equipment for Euro pallets, which are tailor-made for different applications. Whether you are active in the food sector, in logistics or in the industrial sector - with us you will find the best solution for your individual needs.

Increase the efficiency of your logistics processes and at the same time ensure more safety when transporting your goods. Discover the extensive range of accessories from GEBHARDT and get more out of your pallets!

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Your benefit at a glance

  • Optimal addition to your pallets
  • Effective warehouse utilisation
  • Easy handling during transport and storage
  • Tool-free assembly
  • Customer-specific designs possible

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Stacking handle

A stacking frame in no time at all

With the innovative GEBHARDT stacking brackets, you can easily expand the possible uses of your Euro pallets and turn them into a practical stacking rack in no time at all. The clever design makes it easy to attach the brackets to the existing pallets so that they are immediately ready for use. This allows you to make optimal use of the available space even without additional shelving and create space in your warehouse. However, the stacking brackets not only serve as a space-saving solution, but also offer safety during transport and prevent the load from slipping. GEBHARDT attaches great importance to quality and robustness. The pallet supports are therefore highly resilient and can withstand the most demanding requirements, provided that the pallets meet the relevant quality criteria. If you have any doubts or your pallets do not have the required strength, GEBHARDT also offers matching and heavy-duty hardwood pallets to provide you with a comprehensive solution.

Optimise your logistics processes and benefit from the many advantages of GEBHARDT stacking brackets!

  • High stability due to stacking bracket
  • Optimum utilisation of the storage space

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Seamless integration into logistical processes

The practical accessories for Euro pallets from GEBHARDT not only include pallet attachments, but also innovative tubular brackets that enable a high degree of compaction in the empties. The intelligent design of the stirrups achieves optimum space savings so that several sets can be effortlessly kept in stock on a single pallet. This not only results in efficient use of the available space, but also facilitates seamless integration into your logistical processes.

Our team of experts will be happy to assist you and advise you in detail on the many possible applications of these accessories. Benefit from our many years of experience and find the customised solution for your individual requirements. Optimise your warehousing and logistics processes with the high-quality accessories from GEBHARDT!

  • High compaction in empties
  • Integration into logistical processes is facilitated

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Sturdy clip-on frame as a foil replacement

The innovative accessories for Euro pallets from GEBHARDT offer you an effective alternative to using film to secure your palletised goods. The clip-on frame is the ideal solution to quickly and easily add to your Euro or UIC pallets to create a closed container and thus protect your valuable goods in the best possible way. This practical frame creates four-sided protection for your goods, which is particularly advantageous for storage on shelves and smooth use on conveyor systems. Whether you need to move your products in internal factory traffic or supply branches, the clip-on frame ensures the safe transport of your goods.

Discover the smart solution from GEBHARDT and dispense with the use of film without compromising on safety.

  • Optimum protection for your goods
  • Can be used on conveyor technology

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Simple and tool-free handling

The practical accessories for Euro pallets from GEBHARDT, such as pallet attachments and tubular brackets, also include the tool-free clip-on frame. With this system, assembly and disassembly is accomplished in a few seconds and enables flexible use as a three-wall or four-wall container. The easy handling consists of simply hooking in the front and rear walls, giving you quick and uncomplicated access to your goods. In addition to saving time, the clip-on frame offers another valuable advantage: the reduction of packaging waste. By dispensing with film packaging and using the clip-on frame instead, you are actively helping to protect the environment. Use this sustainable solution and benefit from the many advantages that the clip-on frame brings to your logistical processes. Let GEBHARDT advise you and optimise your warehousing with this innovative accessory for Euro pallets.

  • Fast and tool-free assembly
  • Reduction of packaging waste

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Stapelrahmen S-32

Optimum load securing without loss of space

The versatile stacking frame for Euro pallets is an optimal solution if you want to use the entire usable space of your pallets efficiently. By simply attaching the frame from the outside, the pallet is enclosed and no valuable loading space is lost. A major advantage is that, depending on the load, pallets that are already loaded can also be subsequently fitted with the frame, thus avoiding time-consuming repacking and making your logistical processes smoother. The well thought-out and stable construction allows the frame to be stacked several times in the warehouse and to be transported easily with all common floor conveyors. Whether you work in shipping or in the warehouse, the shipping and storage frame offers you a clever solution to make your pallet systems more efficient and space-saving.

Discover the possibilities of this practical accessory from GEBHARDT and optimise your logistics processes!

  • No loss of loading space
  • Subsequent attachment of the frame possible

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Stapelrahmen S-32

Safe transport in road traffic

The high-quality accessories for Euro pallets from GEBHARDT offer you the versatile Stacking Frame + Pallet system, which proves to be an extremely practical stacking frame for storage and transport. By following just a few simple steps, you can equip your pallet with the clip-on frame and thus transform it into a ready-to-use rack. The special shape of the corner elements ensures safe stacking in the warehouse and provides a suitable surface for strapping to ensure load securing in road traffic that conforms to standards and guidelines (VDI NR. 2700). On the truck, the stacking frame can be safely stacked and transported thanks to the lashing strap guide 1 + 1-fold. For the additional safety of your personnel, an information sign is attached to the stacking frame that illustrates the correct attachment of the straps and thus also protects the load from damage or slipping.

Opt for the stacking frame + pallet system and optimise your storage and transport processes with this reliable accessory from GEBHARDT!

  • Standard and guideline-compliant load securing
  • Stacking frame with lashing strap guide

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for Pallet
1.200 x 800
External dimensions
in mm incl.
pallet (LxWxH)
Internal dimensions
in mm incl.
pallet (LxWxH)
Payload Stacking warehouse Stacking truck Number
Stacking handle 49" x 34" x 30" 44" x 31" x 22" 882 lbs 1+3-fold not stackable 0025843
Clip-on frame 47" x 31" x 77" 3-sided: 46" x 31" x 71" - not stackable not stackable 7036799
Clip-on frame 47" x 32" x 77" 4-sided: 46" x 30" x 71" - not stackable not stackable 7036798
Stacking frame 52" x 36" x 46" 48" x 32" x 39" 1764 lbs 1+4-fold 1+1 fold 7008268

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