Rollbox RBX

Our Rollbox RBX has a sturdy roll plate with high stability - ideal for fast loading and unloading of trucks in the food trade, for picking the goods and for transporting food. Due to its low weight, the Rollbox is easy to maneuver and particularly ergonomic in operation. The robust HDPE board is food-safe, recyclable and easy to clean.

Proven materials and the reinforcement of most-stressed areas result in low damage rates, long life, and reduced service and replacement costs. Three metal stiffeners ensure a payload of 500 kg with side walls. The side walls are available with one or two brackets per side wall for fixing to the plastic roll
base. This improves stability and more secure seating, therefore the rollbox is easier to push and pull.

Of course, Rollbox RBX is suitable for automatic conveyor systems and can be easily integrated into existing processes. Upon request, the roll container can be adapted to the customer's corporate design.


  • Dimensions: 720 x 815 mm
  • Height: depends on the height of the side wall
  • Usable height: from 1,350 - 1,700 mm
  • Maximum load (with side walls): 500 kg
  • Stacking: 1 + 1-high (overhead)
  • Material of rollbase: HDPE
  • Surface finish of walls: galvanised or powder-coated
  • Rollers: 2 swivel castors, 2 fixed castors