Through our global focus on materials management, we combine process optimization with the overall efficiency of our purchasing, logistics and supplier management processes. The supplier's location is irrelevant as far as GEBHARDT is concerned.

GEBHARDT is much more interested in consistent quality of the relevant goods and services as part of TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), as well as maintaining delivery performance to mutually agreed schedules. GEBHARDT will only go into partnership with suppliers who offer the best sustainable price/performance ratio and who maintain a flow of real-time information

As part of our strategic focus "Quality in time", we work with our suppliers to improve the potential cost and efficiency returns.

The cornerstones of the GEBHARDT approach to materials management are:

  • Global purchasing responsibility i.e. global demand pooling and clear responsibility for suppliers ("One Face to the Supplier")

  • Structuring purchasing by product group, improved preventative quality assurance, delivery to schedule and TCO guarantees in external procurement

  • Development of the supply chain with the emphasis on sustainable optimization of our suppliers' performance, quality and logistics

Materials management at GEBHARDT is organized through the project purchasing, specialist purchasing and logistics functions.

The supplier portal contains information which is relevant to you as either a potential or existing GEBHARDT supplier.
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