Euro Shoe uses GEBHARDT roller boxes

Efficient logistics for shoes

Euro Shoe Unie NV, located in Beringen, Belgium, is the market leader in the Benelux shoe trade. The family-owned business was founded in 1947 and has approximately 3,000 employees, generating a turnover of €450 million, and has 650 sales outlets in Belgium, Holland and France. The company has distribution centers at its headquarters in Beringen, in Diest and near Amsterdam, Holland.

Up to 1,500 rolling containers per day must be installed and dismantled at Euroshoe; In addition, the containers are also used as a kind of "storage".
The new load carrier had to be optimally fitted into the logistic processes at Euroshoe - since it was specially designed according to the customer requirements, this could be taken into account right from the start.

The shoe retailer uses GEBHARDT roll containers in the storage and order picking areas. The load carriers also have to cope with the demands of other products such as textiles and skis. Hanging rails can be integrated into the top of the container and the mesh base is an ideal solution for transporting skis. Empty roll containers can be very quickly nested to save space. The speed with which they can be assembled and dismantled increases efficiency and profitability considerably. The roll containers were optimally matched to the customer's logistics processes. They can therefore go through the picking process either open or closed. The new roll containers have reduced the effort involved by approximately 50% which has meant an enormous improvement for the employees involved from an ergonomic perspective.

"In the past we have used heavy 20 to 25 kg dispatch boxes to move the shoes around," says Luc Verbeylen, Group Logistics Manager at Euro Shoe Unie. "These had to be moved on average seven or eight times in order to be loaded onto the truck and taken into the retail unit, while the roll container has to be moved only three or four times."

The roll containers from GEBHARDT can be nestled within a few seconds - in other words, they can be moved and stowed very quickly in a space-saving manner when empty.

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