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High-bay warehouse pallet

On account of its highly precise manufacture, the high-bay warehouse pallet is ideal for trouble-free facilities operation. The combination of the right materials, including hardwood skids, sturdy connection technology with hollow and tubular rivet connections, also make the high-bay warehouse pallet particularly durable. This helps reduce costs for remedying malfunctions and for new acquisitions. It can easily be integrated into automated processes. This means that a system changeover is not necessary, and there are no additional costs. Its particularly sturdy construction ensures a long service life and thus reduces the costs for new acquisitions. The high-bay warehouse pallet also ensures a high dimensional stability when carrying heavy loads. On account of its properties, it is used in a wide range of industrial sectors. At the request of the customer, the high-bay warehouse pallet can be color-coded, and company logos and lettering can also be burned in. In this way, the wooden pallet can easily be integrated into a company’s corporate design.

Wood grading

  • Selection according to DIN EN 12246, quality class P2
  • Use of high-quality softwood and hardwood

Wood humidity

  • Ideal moisture content 15-18% relative wood moisture
  • High dimensional stability of the resultant load carrier
  • Low warpage
  • No mould growth

IPPC treatment

  • Ensures the safe import and export of wood
  • Verification through IPPC stamp on the load carrier and IPPC report

Joining technique

  • Nails have an extraction value up to 4 times higher than conventional pins
  • Additional tubular rivets significantly increase the stability of the connection
  • Hollow rivets allow for the insertion of tubular frames


  • Wave band and chemical tear protection prevent cracks in the wood and increase the life cycle of the load carrier

Colour scheme

  • Colouring of pallet components or of the entire pallet make it possible to adapt the pallet to a corporate design


  • Bevelled edges reduce risk of injury and wood splitting off
  • Chamfered entry edges for easy handling with pallet truck


  • Labels and brands of customer names or logos increase recognition


  • RFID tags and bar codes allow automated inventory management



  • Dimensions: 1,200 x 800 mm
  • Height: 141 mm
  • Maximum load: 1,200 kg

Further dimensions and versions upon request.


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