Our customers are supported and kept reliably informed all the way through the whole development process. Starting with the initial concept in 2D or 3D, through container design, prototyping, pre-production or series outturn samples, to serial load carriers, we have the experience to create solutions to complex demands. Once the order has been received, a team of project managers supports all the subsequent phases in the development process. This is achieved through tailored project plans, transparent modification tracking and personal support throughout the whole process chain. Our goal is the optimal consensus between packing density, safety, product protection and handling. 

The FMEA method (error detection and influence analysis) is used for new developments and complex design tasks. Possible product errors, their impact on the customer, their probability of occurrence and the probability of their discovery. The goal of the FMEA is to avoid errors in the forefront, as the cost of errors increases by a factor of 10 per step in the supply chain.

One of the most important development projects of GEBHARDT is the load carrier of the future - Project iSLT.NET. You can find more details here.

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