Modular Load Carriers

Modular load carriers embody numerous benefits. First of all, costs can be reduced through multiple usage. On the one hand, this is due to the short lead times, and on the other hand due to the reduced planning required for development and design, concept development, prototype assembly and series delivery. Second of all, the modular load carrier is characterized by a particularly high degree of flexibility. This is guaranteed not only by the easy, fast and economical changeover capability, but also by the separation of the outer and inner container by means of conversions or modifications to the interior structure and design. 

This makes the modular load carrier suitable for multiple project cycles. It can also be specifically adapted to a wide variety of customer-specific requirements. Some elements, such as pullouts, cantilever arms, folding bases and pocket systems, can easily be replaced in the event of damage. With modular load carriers, spare parts can also be obtained quickly and easily.

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