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Standard Pick Cart

Cardboard boxes, plastic bags and hanging goods can easily be picked with the help of the standard pick cart. The rigid modular rolling container secures the load by means of a removable front wall and rigid rear wall, which allows a smooth process flow, since it prevents articles from falling and thus reduces the risk of possible damage. The product can be adapted for special purposes using individual hook-in inserted floors and clothes rails at different heights. The advantages of this individualization are reduced initial acquisition costs, as one cart can be used for different picking operations. A fifth wheel makes the standard pick cart very flexible - this product can even turn 360° around its own axis. This property makes the cart very easy to maneuver.


  • Dimensions with ladder folded down: 1,780 x 490 mm
  • Dimensions with ladder folded up: 1,436 x 490 mm
  • Height: 1,820 mm
  • Maximum load: 300 kg
  • Surface finish: galvanized

Other dimensions and versions upon request.


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