Isotec TBX

  • On Rollers (Ø125)
  • On Pallet

Your benefits at a glance

  • Cold chain security
  • Safe and stable transport of fresh and frozen food
  • Allows combined transport of different temperature zones in one truck
  • Reduction or elimination of dry ice use by substitution with eutectic plates
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to repair
  • ATP/HACCP compliant
  • Completely redesigned
  • New materials of aluminium and plastic
  • Maximize prevention of water ingress
  • Reduced weight
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TBX Volume Payload External dimensions (HxDxW) Internal dimensions (HxDxW)
410410 litres500 kg580 x 841 x 1,812 mm431 x 625 x 1,425 mm
600600 litres500 kg757 x 818 x 1,773 mm609 x 659 x 1,416 mm
725725 litres500 kg757 x 948 x 1,773 mm604 x 809 x 1,407 mm
795795 litres500 kg757 x 948 x 1,936.5 mm604 x 811 x 1,570 mm
900900 litres700 kg797 x 1.198 x 1,788 mm611 x 1.025 x 1,444 mm
10001000 litres700 kg797 x 1.198 x 1,888 mm611 x 1.025 x 1,544 mm
10701070 litres700 kg797 x 1.198 x 1,988 mm611 x 1.025 x 1,644 mm
11701170 litres700 kg797 x 1.198 x 2,138 mm611 x 1.025 x 1,794 mm

Assembly and Components

The corrosion-resistant aluminium profile maximize prevention of water ingress

Slide rails serve to accommodate of eutectic plates

You want more individuality?

Here you get a possibility to bring on your desired design.

Folder pocket for storing documents (e.g. delivery notes) 

Ram protection plates mounted at the sides and at the rear protect against damages (e.g. by industrial trucks) 

Easy maneuverability due to substructure optionally with rollers or pallets

The thermometer with analogue display allows you to read the internal temperature.

The ergonomic closing lever makes it easy to open and close the container. 

New internal and external pull handles make it easier to push and pull the container. They reduce your risk of injury, especially when maneuvering through narrow spaces. 

Additional metal pulling and lifting handle integrated into the door 

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