Insulated containers

Our new ISOTEC® TBX range of insulated containers is the solution for a safe and efficient transport of fresh and frozen goods without interrupting the cold chain.

By preserving the cold storage in the container, you can transport your entire range of chilled or frozen goods together with uncooled goods in a standard truck. This increases your flexibility in route planning and moreover saves costs, since transports with expensive refrigerated trucks are no longer necessary.

With the new ISOTEC® TBX model series, we made a conscious decision to use new materials in order to generate additional advantages:

Aluminum and plastic reduce corrosion (rust) on the container and enable weight savings of approx. 10 to 20 percent * compared to our predecessor model.

This means easier handling for your employees and brings a significant reduction of CO2 during transport.

Furthermore, the new construction prevents water from entering the insulation layer.

Our containers are of course also certified according to ATP and HACCP.

The areas of application for this are diverse: whether food retailers, bakeries, butchers, fish wholesalers, pharmaceutical companies, logistics service providers and much more - talk to us, we will design the right solution with you!


* depending on the container size


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