GEBHARDT USA celebrates 10 years

Company brochure and sales initiatives for the anniversary

GEBHARDT Logistic Solutions has a successful company history which began when the business GEBHARDT Logistic Solutions was founded 10 years ago.

With approximately 500 employees and an annual turnover of over 80 million Euros, GEBHARDT is one of the global market leaders in the manufacture of large load carriers as well as an expert in the development and manufacture of logistics solutions. Initially, the core areas of expertise for GEBHARDT lay in the fields of storage and materials handling technology. The family business started by manufacturing roll carts and insulated containers for the food retail trade in the 1960s. In 1987, GEBHARDT captured the roll cart market and, within a few years, became the market leader in this sector. In order to meet increasing demands from the USA, the sister company GEBHARDT Logistic Solutions was founded in 2007 in Atlanta Georgia, USA. As sales and the employee base grew, the sister company expanded into new premises at Buford, Georgia, USA.

Example for a typical retail cart in the USA

"Looking back on more than 10 years of successful operation and growth in the highly competitive US market makes us very proud," explains Dr. Andreas Sachs, CEO at the GEBHARDT Group. "Proud of our employees, some of whom have been with us most of the way as managers, experts and specialists, and who have contributed to our success and given our services a face."

Looking to the future, GEBHARDT will maintain its dynamic, flexible and market-oriented growth in the USA; the company has set itself the goal of continuing to shape the exciting logistics market in the fields of digitalization, globalization, e-commerce, sustainability and technology.

GEBHARDT has produced a company brochure to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the business in the USA as well as a range of attractive special offers.

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