Bettenwelt is equipped with a new central warehouse with system pallets from GEBHARDT

Bettenwelt, JYSK, Central Warehouse Germany

JYSK (about 20,000 employees and 2,300 stores) is one of the leading retailers for mattresses, quilts, pillows, furniture, furnishings, and home accessories in Europe. The JYSK stores in Germany and Austria are known as Dänisches Bettenlager.

Bettenwelt is convinced by the GEBHARDT products, v.l. System pallet with lattice structure, stanchion magazine rack with stanchions and top frame RB 10, and has used it for years in the logistics centers Homberg and Zarrentin
Norman Weis (IWL AG Ulm, general planning, project management and realization support of the JYSK project logistics center Kammlach and Bettenwelt project 3. construction phase logistics center Zarrentin) and Thomas Bauer (vice president industry at GEBHA

The Danish retail group JYSK has been using GEBHARDT system pallets for the storage of its products since 2003. Owing to its extraordinarily positive experience in daily practice, Bettenwelt has ordered additional GEBHARDT products for the equipping of the new central warehouse in Kammlach and the additional procurement in the other two central warehouses in Homberg and Zarrentin. A total of about 40,000 system pallets made of metal and with wooden bases are used in the high bay warehouses at the three locations. In addition, either posts or wire mesh top frames are used for securing the loaded goods in the warehouse. EURO pallets with stacking frames, the so-called RB10 pallets, are used for delivering products to the shops.

Torsten Ebel, Deputy Head of Logistics at the Zarrentin logistics center of Bettenwelt GmbH & Co. KG, emphasizes the many years of good collaboration: “When designing the load carriers, the Cham company realized our ideas and requirements perfectly, so we were able to work together to develop system pallets that served our purposes exactly.”

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