Adapter range from GEBHARDT increases the efficiency of logistics at Stieglbrauerei

Stieglbrauerei, Salzburg/Österreich

Stieglbrauerei, one of the market leaders in the Austrian brewing industry, offers its customers a broad range of products featuring its own brewed beers and is a distributor of mineral waters, soft drinks, and wines. Such an extensive range of products means that optimized processes in logistics offer a significant competitive advantage. The carrier system ROLLFIXpallet is in use at various points of the storage and delivery process. It was developed by GEBHARDT and awarded the “Innovation Prize in Logistics 2013”. The modular system accepts four dollies with a load capacity of up to 700 kg. Four floor rollers are joined to form one transport unit in the EURO pallet format. A forklift can be used to place the ROLLFIXpallet in block storage or a high bay warehouse or to transfer it for handling by more extensive logistics processes. The bundling of four roll bases by ROLLFIXpallet makes logistics processes in storage and transport substantially leaner and improves efficiency.

Loaded dollies on ROLLFIXpallets

According to Marco Kaulas, Head of Filling and Packaging, “the system saves about 35% in terms of time over the adapter trays for EURO pallets that were previously used.” The adapter pallets are suitable for use on industrial trucks and all chain and roller conveyor systems commonly in use. When they are empty, they can be stacked so that they do not take up much space.
Franz Graggaber, Head of Warehouses, Stieglbrauerei, declared: “The product satisfies our requirements fully in every way. We do not see any need for further changes.”

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