Gebhardt equips one of the most modern high-bay bearings in Europe for cable drums

GEBHARDT, the specialist supplier of load carriers and systems for efficient logistics processes, based in Cham, Bavaria, supplied nearly 8,700 tailor-made system pallets for Helukabel's new high-bay racking system located in Hemmingen, near Stuttgart, for the storage and transport of cable drums. GEBHARDT was chosen not only for the quality of its products but also for its innovative ideas and comprehensive service.

Helukabel is one of the leading manufacturers of cables, wiring, special cables, media technology and cable accessories. The storage area contains over 33,000 items which can be supplied to extremely tight schedules.. In order to process international demand quickly and efficiently, Helukabel has invested €33 million at its headquarters in Stuttgart to establish a new, fully automated high-bay racking system with 23,900 storage positions. Helukabel's Hemmingen warehouse is now one of the largest and most up-to-date warehouses in the whole of Europe with over 40,000 storage positions.

Die System-Paletten im Einsatz auf Förderanlagen und im Hochregal.
Die System-Paletten im Einsatz auf Förderanlagen und im Hochregal.

GEBHARDT supplied nearly 8,700 System pallets for the new high-bay racking system which have been optimally matched to the requirements for safe storage and smooth transport of cable drums. Helukabel is using the new GEBHARDT pallets in the heavy-duty area and elsewhere. This includes 670 storage positions for cable drums which can weigh up to four tonnes. In addition to having the capacity to support this heavy load, the pallets should also provide a stable transport solution for the drums, be able to be adjusted to suit different diameters, and be suitable for automated materials handling in the high-bay racking system. The pallets' requirement specification also includes a low dead weight with high load carrying capacity as well as resistance to weathering when stored outside. These new special pallets developed by GEBHARDT can meet all these conditions and GEBHARDT therefore supplied 670 fully-galvanized, heavy-duty, steel prism pallets to Hemmingen.

In addition to the heavy-duty area, the new warehouse also has space for more than 23,000 pallets which can take a weight of up to 1.5 tonnes. Small cable drums are stored in this area on Euro pallets while larger drums are stored on special pallets. The special pallets are also supplied by GEBHARDT and can accommodate various different drum sizes. The stock level was increased by approximately 8,000 pallets in the course of the warehouse extension.

"We have worked successfully with Helukabel over many years and are now very pleased to be able to continue this by being involved in the construction of their new high-bay racking warehouse," says Markus Spengler, Vice President Industry at GEBHARDT Logistic Solutions GmbH. It is not only the quality of GEBHARDT products that wins business but also the innovative ideas and comprehensive service which extends from development of the pallets, through extensive testing to production and delivery.

The family-owned business of GEBHARDT has been a specialist supplier of load carriers and systems for efficient logistics processes for over 180 years. GEBHARDT develops and manufactures storage and transport solutions made from wood, plastic and metal as well as combinations of materials for a wide range of industrial sectors, including food and retail, automotive, tires and wheels. The business employs approximately 400 people at the Cham headquarters and other production sites and sales offices, generating an annual turnover of €75 million.

Die System-Paletten im Einsatz auf Förderanlagen und im Hochregal.

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