The GEBHARDT Folding Pallet (GFP)

The future for sustainable & efficient logistics of tomorrow!

The GEBHARDT Folding Pallet (GFP)

With the Gebhardt folding pallet you can pick, transport, and store your goods efficiently, safely and sustainably. The easy folding and unfolding of the side walls can easily be completed with one hand, providing an ergonomic working environment. The stable side walls allow your goods to be stacked quickly and conveniently, thereby increasing the efficiency of your logistic processes.

The GFP makes optimum use of the truck loading space and reduces transport costs and CO². In addition, the use of the GFP can minimize the consumption of packaging film by 50% compared to a loaded Euro pallet.

Use the GEBHARDT folding pallet for more sustainability and efficiency in your logistics!

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Your benefits at a glance

  • Ergonomic
  • Sustainable
  • Stable
  • Durable
  • Foldable
  • Reduces transport costs
  • Increases storage volume
  • Perfectly adapted to truck dimensions

Optimal utilization of freight space and storage capacity

The dimensions of the GEBHARDT folding pallet are 47.25 x 31.5 x 43.3 inches. With two GFP's on top of each other and three next to each other the truck loading space is optimally utilized. When returning the folded GFP's, approximately 27 fit in the same loading space. This reduces transport costs and saves CO².

Four loaded GFP's can be stacked on top of each other in the warehouse. This way, twice as much many goods can be stored compared to a Euro pallet storage space.

  • Foldable & space-saving
  • Reduces transport costs
  • Increases storage capacity

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Ergonomic handling provides a comfortable and efficient working environment

The GEBHARDT folding pallet enables an ergonomic loading height of approx. 4ft in contrast to the often 6.5ft high loaded Euro pallets. The height of the GFP enables an efficient and comfortable working environment. The stable side walls of the GFP not only enable multiple stacking, but also serve as orientation during order picking. The side panels can be easily erected and folded with one hand. When the side panels are erected, they automatically lock in the vertical position and enable quick handling.

When loading and unloading the GFP the side panels can also be turned slightly outwards to improve accessibility.

  • Ergonomic logistics
  • Folding side walls

The GEBHARDT folding pallet - A durable & sustainable method of transport.

With an expected service life of 10 years, the GFP is significantly more durable than a conventional pallet. Should the side walls of the pallet become damaged, they can easily be replaced without tools.

The GEBHARDT folding pallet is significantly more sustainable than a Euro pallet. With our GFP you can save 50% on packaging film compared to the Euro pallet and make your logistics processes more sustainable.

  • Long service life
  • 50% film savings
  • Side walls can be replaced without tools

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Optimum protection for your products

The stable pallet base and side walls optimally protects your goods from damage during transport. Anti-slip strips on the base also help when loading the GFP and prevent your products from falling out.

  • Protection against damage
  • Anti-slip floor strips

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GFP Exterior dimensions
Interior dimensions
Payload Stacking warehouse Stacking truck
  47.2 x 31.5 x 46.9 inches 43.3 x 31.5 x 39.4 inches 1764 lb 4-times 2-times

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