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In our position as market leader for storage and transport solutions, we support our customers in the increasingly efficient design of logistics processes. We delve deeply into processes to discover and exploit potential for optimization. There is more to the relationships with our customers than just business. We act at peer level and as partners, whereby we see ourselves in the role of the logistics process consultants.

We offer top quality at prices commensurate with the market. As we are determined to maintain this standard in the future, we put our trust in our international orientation, continuous investments in state-of-the-art technologies, and ongoing innovation.

The focus on the four business units Industry, Food & Retail, Tires & Wheels, and Automotive assures our pronounced understanding of processes and a high level of competence in these sectors.

Our closeness to the market is also demonstrated by our maintenance of facilities for the performance of all works and disciplines related to wood, plastics, and metal in our own company. We can test all of our products in our Test and Technology Center, thus assuring clearly defined quality.

Highly motivated employees are the cornerstone of our success, and so we are committed to providing certified vocational training programs and systematically encourage individual advanced training opportunities for our Gebhardtians. We are proud of our recognition as a “TOP JOB” employer.

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