Experience Reports of Vocational Trainees

Fabian Dirscherl, vocational trainee (industrial clerk)

After my high school graduation with an advanced certificate, I decided to enter the vocational training program for industrial clerks at GEBHARDT. At the moment, I am working in the Purchasing department where, among other things, I am learning about all the processes related to orders, pricing, and the handling of order confirmations. I especially like the friendly working atmosphere because that makes everyday work so much more pleasant. Furthermore, I like the fact that even a vocational trainee like me can take on a lot of responsibility. For instance, I can sometimes renegotiate prices autonomously and place orders for goods. I believe that the best way to learn is by working independently, and this is also the fastest way to acquire the skills required in the specific department. Besides, work is more fun when you are given tasks commensurate with your skills. Looking back over the last six months, I would say that the time in Purchasing was highly interesting as well as fun, and I am keen to see how things will be in the other departments.

Simon Schwitz, vocational trainee (IT specialist)

Computer science interested me while I was still going to school. I first considered studying computer science, but I discovered that I was more interested in learning about computer science at a level that was more closely related to practice. I started looking for vocational training programs for system integration and application development in Cham District, and I ultimately decided in favor of a position as application developer at Gebhardt. There is so much to discover in my field of activities at Gebhardt. It includes the creation of own websites and applications for the users and the analysis, evaluation, and presentation of data from the database. Moreover, the work never becomes boring because the atmosphere is our department is excellent.

Annalena Renner, business administration student in dual program

As I am in a dual study-work program, I spend the practice phases in various departments of the company while attending classes at DHBW Heidenheim for the theoretical part of the program, changing back and forth every three months. The lectures at the dual university are closely related to practice and are held with a maximum of 30 students in the class. I am now in my first practice phase and working in Purchasing, which I am enjoying very much.
Besides the interesting tasks, there is a lot to learn from the highly experienced employees. This gives me a good opportunity to apply what I have learned in the company and even to build on my knowledge. Speaking generally, what I really appreciate at GEBHARDT is the familiar way people deal with one another and the pleasant working atmosphere that results. Even vocational trainees have the chance to assume a high level of responsibility and to work autonomously for the most part. But you are never left high and dry, and you always receive support and attention from your colleagues.
Overall, I am highly satisfied with my decision to do this dual course of study and vocational training, and I am looking forward to the classroom lessons as well as the many impressions and the experience I will be able to gain during the practical assignments.

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